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Logo Lites® Personalized Standard Vintage Series LED Third Brake Lights

NOTE: LED Third Brake Lights are No Longer Available

You Choose What It Says!

Logo Lites Personalized Standard LED Third Brake Lights can be ordered with any combination of 1 to 4 letters and/or numbers*. For example, you can use them to show years, names, initials, words, engine sizes, logos, or anything else you can fit into 4 letters. You can even order 3 Greek letters!


Order part number 236-420- followed by the letter/number combination that you want. The letters and numbers you can order are as follows:
Greek Letters
Zero and the letter "O" are the same.

Greeks! We have Greek fraternity and sorority letters available. You can order your fraternity or sorority letters to promote your organization every time you apply your brakes. Special Note on Greek Logo Lites: Greek characters are wider than standard characters, so Logo Lites can only contain 3 Greek characters.

Corporate Vehicles! Use Logo Lites to spell out your company's name if it is four letters or less, or your company's initials. They're great for advertising.

* CCI reserves the right not to produce certain letter and/or number combinations. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Combinations known to CCI to be trademarked, but not licensed to CCI.
  2. Words considered to be offensive.

The "Standard Vintage" version of Logo Lites Custom LED Third Brake Lights is a standard mount, 6V or 12V, negative or positive ground unit for vintage cars and antique trucks. The "Standard Vintage" LED Third Brake Light comes with anti-glare window blinders for cars with slanted rear windows, but does not come with a brake light decoder. Since they do not come with brake light decoders, your car must either have brake light bulbs that do not function as turn signals, or you must connect the third brake light directly to your brake light switch.

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