Logo Lites logoLogo Lites is a brand of electronic, electrical, and mechanical add-on safety and useful devices for antique cars and trucks. They are high quality products made in the USA. Logo Lites have nicely balanced features for new products on antique vehicles. On the one hand, Logo Lites add modern safety and convenience. But at the same time, they also maintain the antique quality and style expected for vintage vehicles. It is not easy making modern electronics look at home on an 85 year old car, but Logo Lites makes it look like they belong there!

A Brief History

The name “Logo Lites” itself originally came from a line of LED 3rd brake lights. The Logo Lites LED 3rd brake lights were licensed to display various vehicle manufacturer’s logos. Logo Lites began manufacturing other LED based products in the late 1990s such as LED Turn Signals for Model A Fords. With time, the Logo Lites brand grew and today we manufacture more products for more markets.

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