LED Headlights

Logo Lites manufactures two different kinds of LED Headlights. Both were designed for the Ford Model A market, but they fit many other cars from the same era too. Many characteristics are the same. For example, both types fit into the original headlight socket with no modifications to your car or truck. Differences are shown below. Be sure to check out both kinds of LED Headlights and choose the best one for your antique vehicle.

Focused Beam LED Headlights
Logo Lites Focused Beam LED Headlights

  • New for 2021
  • True high/low beam design
  • Modern beam pattern
  • Factory pre-focused, needs no adjustment
  • One bulb works with both +/- chassis
Original LED Headlights
Logo Lites LED Headlight Bulbs

  • New for 2019
  • Factory high/low beam design
  • Factory type beam pattern
  • Focuses like original incandescent bulbs
  • Order + or - chassis bulb

LED Headlight Bulbs vs Stock Headlight Bulbs

Logo Lites LED Headlight Comparison

Logo Lites LED Headlight length comparison

Length Differences

Logo Lites LED Headlight bulbs are approximately 0.5″ (1/2 inch) longer than the 1110 type bulb. This is not a problem on all vehicles we have tested, but it is important to know if you are trying the bulb on an untested vehicle type. There is normally enough room between the lens and the bulb for the longer Logo Lites LED Headlights to clear the glass lens.

Focus Differences

The LEDs on the Original LED Headlights are located in the same position as the incandescent filament. Placing the LEDs in this location emits light in the same spot as the factory bulb. This allows the Original LED Headlights to be focused in the same manner as the original bulbs. The focusing lens and precise placement of the LED emitters inside the Focused Beam LED Headlights causes this bulb to be factory focused. Focus and beam changes from adjusting the bulb socket are negligible and unnecessary.

Amerage Draw

Logo Lites LED Headlights draw significantly less current than incandescent or halogen headlights. Drawing fewer amps for more Lumens means that our LED Headlights will work with generators or alternators. At the same time, you get more light for safer nighttime driving. This chart show the current draw for Logo Lites LED Headlights compared to the original type incandescent bulbs.

Bulb Type Low Beam High Beam Units
1110/13007D Incandescent (Original 32/50 type) 3.6 4.5 Amps (A) per bulb @ 6.3V (typical)
Original LED Headlight 1.5 2.5 Amps (A) per bulb @ 6.3V (typical)
Focused Beam LED Headlight 1.3 1.3 Amps (A) per bulb @ 6.3V (typical)

Color Differences

Logo Lites LED Headlights are bright white with a color temperature around 6500K. Original type bulbs emit a reddish orange light which does not light the road very well. The bright white color of Logo Lites LED Headlights is comparable to modern vehicle headlights in color. This picture shows the striking difference between the colors (and brightness) of Logo Lites LED Headlights compared to the original type incandescent bulbs. Click on the picture to see a larger image:
Focused Beam LED Headlight Driving Comparison

Logo Lites LED Headlights fits these vehicles (click here to see the list)

Fits these vehicles:
(Tested and Confirmed)

  • Ford Model T 1919-1927
  • Ford Model A 1928-1931
  • Ford Model B 1932-1934
  • Chevrolet Cars & Trucks 1916-1928 with Dual Contact Socket
  • Chevrolet Cars 1929-1933
  • Chevrolet Standard Cars 1934-1935
  • Chevrolet Trucks 1929-1936
  • Dodge 1928-1935
  • Hudson 1926-1928

Should fit various models from these manufacturers (untested)*:

  • Auburn 1931-1933
  • Buick 1927-1933
  • Cadillac 1927-1931
  • Chrysler 1926-1932
  • Continental 1934
  • Cord 1929-1931
  • DeSoto 1928-1933
  • Diamond 1933-1935
  • Durant 1930-1932
  • Dusenberg 1934-1937
  • Franklin 1930-1934
  • Graham-Paige 1928-1933
  • Hudson 1932-1933
  • Hupmobile 1928-1934
  • Lafayette 1934
  • Lasalle 1927-1933
  • Lincoln 1927-1934
  • Marmon 1931-1933
  • Nash 1927-1934
  • Oakland 1927-1931
  • Oldsmobile 1927-1933
  • Packard 1927-1932
  • Peerless 1928-1932
  • Pierce-Arrow 1930-1935
  • Plymouth 1928-1934
  • Pontiac 1927-1933
  • Reo 1930
  • Rocknee 1932-1933
  • Studebaker 1928-1935
  • Terraplane 1933
  • Willys 1930-1936
  • Willys-Knight 1931-1932

With Logo Lites, dim old bulbs are easily replaced with bright white LED Headlight bulbs in seconds. To see more about each type of bulb Logo Lites offers, visit the Focused Beam LED Headlights and the Logo Lites Original LED Headlights pages to see which LED Headlight bulb is right for your antique car or truck.