Logo Lites Original LED Headlights

Logo Lites LED Headlight Comparison

You can have bright, white LED headlights for your antique vehicle!

Logo Lites Original LED Headlight bright white bulbs fit into the original headlight socket. NO MODIFICATIONS! You do not have to replace the socket, harness, reflector, or make any other changes to your car. Your car can continue to use an original style generator or an alternator. Dim old bulbs are replaced with bright LED Headlight bulbs in seconds. Open your headlight and then simply twist to remove your original bulbs, then insert, twist, and now you have bright, white LED headlights as bright as a modern car!

Logo Lites LED Headlight Bulbs

Logo Lites LED Headlight bulbs work on Model A Fords and many other cars that use the 21/21 CP (1110), 32/32 CP (1000), 32/50 CP type bulbs.

HEADLIGHT FOCUS: The LEDs emit from the same location as the original filaments, so the headlights can be focused just like the originals!

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LED Headlights with
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Like most Logo Lites products, our LED Headlight bulbs are engineered so the same bulb is used on 6 Volt or 12 Volt vehicles. There are Positive ground and Negative ground (chassis) versions. Purchase the LED Headlight bulb that matches your vehicle’s electrical system, insert the LED Headlight bulb in place of your original bulb and reassemble your headlight. Logo Lites makes it that easy!

LED Headlight Installation and Demonstration

This video shows how quickly you can change from an original incandescent bulb to a Logo Lites LED Headlight bulb. Then there are dramatic demonstrations of how much better the LED Headlight bulb is compared to the 32/50 CP bulb it replaces. Click to watch:

Logo Lites LED Headlights fits these vehicles (click here to see the list)

Fits these vehicles:
(Tested and Confirmed)

  • Ford Model T 1919-1927
  • Ford Model A 1928-1931
  • Ford Model B 1932-1934
  • Chevrolet Cars & Trucks 1916-1928 with Dual Contact Socket
  • Chevrolet Cars 1929-1933
  • Chevrolet Standard Cars 1934-1935
  • Chevrolet Trucks 1929-1936
  • Dodge 1928-1935
  • Hudson 1926-1928

Should fit various models from these manufacturers (untested)*:

  • Auburn 1931-1933
  • Buick 1927-1933
  • Cadillac 1927-1931
  • Chrysler 1926-1932
  • Continental 1934
  • Cord 1929-1931
  • DeSoto 1928-1933
  • Diamond 1933-1935
  • Durant 1930-1932
  • Dusenberg 1934-1937
  • Franklin 1930-1934
  • Graham-Paige 1928-1933
  • Hudson 1932-1933
  • Hupmobile 1928-1934
  • Lafayette 1934
  • Lasalle 1927-1933
  • Lincoln 1927-1934
  • Marmon 1931-1933
  • Nash 1927-1934
  • Oakland 1927-1931
  • Oldsmobile 1927-1933
  • Packard 1927-1932
  • Peerless 1928-1932
  • Pierce-Arrow 1930-1935
  • Plymouth 1928-1934
  • Pontiac 1927-1933
  • Reo 1930
  • Rocknee 1932-1933
  • Studebaker 1928-1935
  • Terraplane 1933
  • Willys 1930-1936
  • Willys-Knight 1931-1932
*Logo Lites LED Headlight bulbs are approximately 0.5" (1/2 inch) longer than the 1110 bulb. See the LED Headlights page for a comparison of the bulb sizes. For vehicles on the untested list, please verify that your vehicle can take a longer bulb behind the lens before ordering. If the Logo Lites LED Headlight bulb fits your vehicle then please let us know so we can move it to the verified list. Thanks!

Logo Lites LED Headlights in a 1926 Model T Ford

Yes! You can have have bright, white, LED Headlights and continue to use your original generator! Halogens draw so much current, they require an alternator and you have to change your sockets, headlight harness, and modify or replace your reflectors. Original bulbs use less current than halogens (3.6A low/4.5A high per bulb for the 32/50 CP). But original bulbs are dim and orange by today's standards. Logo Lites LED Headlight bulbs draw much less current (1.5A low/2.5A high). They also put out as much bright white light as a modern day halogen headlight. This is the bulb you have been waiting for!

Typical install time: 1 minute

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Logo Lites LED Headlight Bulb

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Logo Lites Original LED Headlight Bulb

Price: $39.95
Description: One Logo Lites Original LED Headlight Bulb for 6V-12V +/- Chassis/Ground
Item Number: 236-104

NOTE: 236-104(+/-) supersedes previous models 236-100(+/-) 236-101(+) and 236-102(-).

Logo Lites LED Headlight Bulb
  • Super bright white like a modern halogen
  • Easy installation
  • Fast installation
  • Low current draw
  • Requires no modifications to vehicle
  • Plugs into original type bulb socket

Logo Lites bright, white Original LED Headlight bulb 236-104 specifications:

  • 6V, 8V, 12V
  • Positive or Negative Ground (chassis)
  • No wiring changes to your car
  • Plugs into original type bulb socket
  • Generator or Alternator
  • Color is ~6500K (Bright White)
  • Low beams draw 1.5A typ @ 6.3V (versus 3.6A typ for 1110/13007D type incandescent bulb)
  • High beams draw 2.5A typ @ 6.3V (versus 4.5A typ for 1110/13007D type incandescent bulb)

Logo Lites LED Headlight Bulb during the day

Even viewed during the day, LED Headlights are dramatically brighter. Logo Lites LED Headlight bulb on left, original type 32/50 CP incandescent bulb on right.

NOTE: 236-104(+/-) supersedes previous models 236-100(+/-) 236-101(+) and 236-102(-).

Prop 65 Warning