Type 23 Signal Lights

Type 23 Signal Lights are red and amber (yellow) LED light assemblies with different mounting options for Logo Lites LED Turn Signals, Brake & Run, and LED Extender. The various mounting options shown below allow you to use Logo Lites LED lighting products on most antique cars, trucks, and many other vehicles.

All Logo Lites Type 23 Signal Lights use stainless steel brackets and screws, are factory tested, and come fully assembled. The brackets mechanically and electrically mount to the chassis allowing the signal lights to connect with a single wire. Mounting to non-conductive surfaces like wood requires a chassis wire connection for the LED signal lights to work.

Installation Manual

Download the Installation Manual (PDF) for all Logo Lites Type 23 Signal Lights.


Available in Four Mounting Bracket Styles

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Bumper Brackets

Logo Lites Bumper Brackets mount to Model A Ford style two piece bumpers on the bumper retainer stud. Many vehicles made in this era have this kind of bumper. Signal lights mounted in the bumper have good visibility while not detracting from the look of the vehicle. Red and amber signals may be used together on the same bumper stud.

Mounting Logo Lites bumper brackets is very easy. Front bumper mounted bumper brackets mount in just about a minute each and the rears take about two minutes apiece. To mount, simply use a wrench to remove bumper clamp nut and washer from bumper clamp stud. On rear bumpers, loosen the bumper bar bolt that goes through the bumper bracket so you can swing the bumper away from the fender. Hold the bumper parts together as an assembly and rotate the bumper so the stud is out of the bracket hole. Side the LED signal light over the clamp stud and reassemble the bumper.

Logo Lites Type 23 LED Signal Light Bumper Bracket Red Rear Logo Lites Type 23 LED Signal Light Bumper Bracket Red Rear
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Bucket Brackets

Logo Lites LED Turn Signal Bucket Bracket Logo Lites LED Turn Signal Bucket Bracket
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Logo Lites Bucket Brackets fit Model A Ford and other vehicles using the “Duolamp” (teacup) type tail lights. Like the two piece bumpers, Duolamps were used on many cars, trucks, and motorcycles spanning over many decades. The elegant stainless steel design looks right at home on vehicles with Duolamp bucket lights. On cars and trucks, the amber signal usually mounts between the body and the light bucket. Mounting between the Duolamp and the body has very good visibility and also helps to protect the signal light. On motorcycles, the left and right signal lights can be mounted to a single Duolamp. Please note that bucket brackets are not for use on drum style lamps.

Mounting Logo Lites bucket brackets is also very easy. To mount, loosen the tail light screws just enough to slide the bracket behind the tail light and down onto the mounting screws. Tighten the screws firmly. The Logo Lites wire should follow the same path as the tail lamp wires and inside their protective covering, if available.

Universal Brackets

Logo Lites Universal Brackets mount LED signal lights in a virtually endless number of ways. The signal lights can be mounted vertically or horizontally. They can be used to the left or right, and can also be mounted above or below the body. They can mount to intermediate brackets, or directly to sheet metal, fiberglass, or even wood body parts. Using universal brackets, Logo Lites signalling products can be mounted to hot rods, street rods, off road vehicles, trailers, carriages, and other vehicles where conventional mounting is difficult.

Logo Lites Universal Brackets have two mounting holes for #8 screws. The bracket must be grounded to the chassis for the light to work, which may require extra wiring on non-conductive brackets or surfaces.

Pi Brackets

Amber Pi BracketLogo Lites Pi Brackets (named for the Greek letter Pi π) allows the signal light to mount in many different ways. Lights can be mounted vertically or horizontally, to the left or right, or above or below the body or bumpers. The bracket is flat, but can be bent or trimmed if necessary. Originally designed to be sandwiched between two brackets and around a clamping bolt, the Pi Bracket has enough metal to be easily customized. However it still maintains the Logo Lites minimalist approach to design so people see the signal instead of the bracket.

The Pi Bracket must be grounded to the chassis for the light to work.

Prop 65 Warning