Logo Lites® are high quality products for antique cars and trucks. Our products are made for 6V and 12V electrical systems with positive and negative chassis ground polarities. Logo Lites makes new products that look at home on various vintage vehicles.

  • LED HeadlightsBright white LED Headlight bulbs to replace the original incandescent bulbs with no changes to the socket, harness, or reflectors. They work with generators and alternators on 6V, 8V, 12V +/-Chassis vehicles.
  • LED Light BulbsReplace the dim 6V incandescent bulbs with bright, long lasting LED bulbs in seconds.
  • A-PlateA hidden, 6 position fuse panel that holds other products without drilling any holes!
  • Automatic USB Charge Port – Charge and run your smart phone, tablet, GPS navigation system, or other USB devices with your 6V or 12V electrical system while you drive. Logo Lites USB Charge Port is A MUST HAVE DEVICE!
  • Brake & Run – Add-on LED running and brake lights to increase visibility and safety on your antique car or truck.
  • LED Turn Signals – Stylish and super-bright add-on turn signals for Model A Fords and other vehicles.
  • LED Extender – Add extra LED signals for your trailer for just for additional visibility.

Brake & Run, LED Turn Signals, and LED Extender all use the same kind of Logo Lites signal lights, which are available in several mounting options. Learn more about the signal light mounting options available on the Type 23 Signal Lights page before ordering.

Replacement Parts are available directly from Logo Lites.

Featured Products

  • LED Headlights

    LED Headlight bulbs for antique vehicles with 6, 8, 12 Volt, Positive or Negative ground fits in original sockets … Read More