Identifying Logo Lites Turn Signal Controllers

How to Identify Logo Lites Turn Signal Controller Generation

Logo Lites LED Turn Signals have been manufactured for many years. The product has evolved over time. The manual and spare parts compatible with your kit vary based on the product generation you own.

Generation 4 (2017)

Logo Lites LED Turn Signal Controller Gen4

  • 6 Pin connector
  • Less noticeable black color
  • Paintable
  • Enhanced programming

Generation 3 (2012)

Logo Lites LED Turn Signal Controller Gen3

  • 6 Pin connector
  • Better visual appearance
  • Larger, more visible buttons
  • Smaller & Lighter with improved magnet to weight ratio
  • No awkward chassis tab
  • Paintable
  • Overheat protection
  • 2016 new, larger speaker hole for increased sound volume

Generation 2 (2006)

Logo Lites LED Turn Signal Controller Gen2

  • 5 Pin connector
  • Illuminated push button switches replace easily broken toggle switch
  • Removed hazard switch

Generation 1 (1998)

Logo Lites LED Turn Signal Controller Gen1

  • 5 Pin connector
  • Original units had a quiet “click”.
  • Later units had an electronic “cricket” sound.
  • 6V or 12V positive or negative ground with plug and play ease.


Despite the updates, all three generation Logo Lites LED turn signal controllers are compatible with all Logo Lites Type 23 Signal Lights manufactured from 1998 to present. Generation 1 and 2 controllers are completely interchangeable. Generation 3 controllers can replace earlier models by purchasing a new Logo Lites 6 pin harness connector and making a very simple wiring change.