Installation Video – USB Charge Port on Model A Ford

USB Charge Port Featured Image

Watch the installation of a 6V/12V Dual 1.2A USB Charge Port that switches on and off automatically with the engine. Great for antiques, this product works on positive and negative ground vehicles. The 2 wire installation is easy and it works with all popular cell phones, tablets, GPS, and other USB powered devices.

  • See the simple 2 wire hookup of USB Charge Port on an A-Plate™
  • Demonstration of manual control of the USB Charge Port with the engine off
  • See the automatic mode in action. Watch how the USB Charge Port automatically turns on when the engine starts and turns off after the motor is shut off

Watch the simple steps to install the USB Charge Port

  • Easy 2 wire installation
  • Two Dedicated Charge Ports
  • Compatible with all popular smart phones and tablets
  • Does not require permanent modifications to vehicle
  • Turns on and off automatically by electronically sensing the engine is running
  • Hardware and supply wires included

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