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Logo Lites® Model A Ford LED Turn Signals

Front of 1930 Model A Ford

Logo Lites Front Turn Signal On1930 Model A Ford

Restored Model A with Gen 1 Controller
Logo Lites Turn Signal Controller In 1930 Model A Ford

Unrestored Model A with Gen 3 Controller
Logo Lites Turn Signal Controller In Unrestored 1931 Model A Ford

Replacement and Other Parts
Replacement Parts

What's Inside
Inside view of a Logo Lites Turn Signal Controller

Logo Lites makes your car safer with turn signals for your A model Ford! Slim line, super bright LED turn signals mount to bumper clamp bolts and fit perfectly between the Model A bumpers. They are small enough to look natural on your car, yet they are bright enough to attract attention when activated. Controls mount between the gas tank and dash for convenient operation, yet they are mostly hidden so as not to detract from the interior of your car. .

  • Long lasting, super bright LED technology
  • Natural, Model A appearance
  • No permanent modifications
  • Draws less than one amp!
  • Easy installation
  • Positive or Negative Ground
  • 6V or 12V
  • Light and sound to remind you they are running

The complete Logo Lites kit includes super bright LED turn signals, wire, bumper mounting brackets, connectors, and turn signal controller. The easy hookup connects to 6 Volt OR 12 Volt cars with negative or positive ground without even flipping a switch. The kit features all solid state components (there are no turn signal flashers to wear out and the LED will last for over 25 years!). The whole kit is bolt on so you don't have to permanently modify or drill your car.

Logo Lites Model A Ford LED Complete Turn Signal Kit

Complete Kit $199.95 US Dollars

All metal parts are stainless steel and the control unit is paintable to match your interior. Each turn signal assembly has a one wire hook up and each wire is individually short circuit protected. Includes a hazard light function, LED to indicate operation, and a cricket like sound to remind you to turn them off. Fits 28-31 open and closed cars, plus trucks with back bumpers. Made in USA and backed by a one year warranty.

Installation Manuals

Viewing manuals online required the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Back of 1930 Model A Ford

Rear Turn Signal On 1930 Model A Ford

Rear Turn Signal On 1930 Model A Ford

Firewall Wiring
Logo Lites Turn Signal Wiring On 1930 Model A Ford

Model T Installation
Model T Ford Front Turn Signals

Buick Installation
Buick Installation

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