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Logo Lites® Model T Ford LED Turn Signal Information

Logo Lites LED turn signals for Model A Ford can be adapted for use on some Model T Fords! Since this is really a Model A product, we do not offer instructions for retrofitting Model A LED turn signals onto your Model T Ford. However, we have been told by customers who have done this conversion that it is not that difficult. Since Model T Fords were made for so many different years with so many changes, here are some guidelines of things you should or must have to adapt Logo Lites Model A Ford LED Turn Signals to your Model T:

  • Recommended: Generator or Alternator
  • Required: Battery
  • Required: Enough mechanical and electrical experience to install this kit on a Model T with Model A instructions

It appears that the easiest way to use the turn signal controller is to mount it upside down compared to the Model A's that it was meant to mount on. To do this, you'll have to reverse the left and right side wires when you connect up the controller. This picture illustrates how the controller looks on your dash when mounted upside down.

For Model T's that haven't had bumpers retrofitted onto them, you will have to figure out where to mount your signal lights. The pictures on this page show where one customer mounted them on his 1926 Tudor. He used existing bolts to mount his turn signals in easy to see places. The best part is that by using these bolts, no modifications to his Model T were required. If you have bumpers on your Model T, you may be able to mount your signal lights in the bumpers like the Model A's do.

To purchase or learn more in depth information about the Logo Lites Model A Ford LED Turn Signal Kit, click here.

Model T Ford Front Turn Signals

Model T Ford Rear Turn Signals

Turn Signal Controller

Model T Ford Front Turn Signal Closeup

Model T Ford Rear Turn Signals

Model T Ford Rear Turn Signal Closeup

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